El Enmascardo de Plata

Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta (September 23, 1917 – February 5, 1984), more widely known as El Santo, or in English The Saint, was a Mexican Luchador enmascarado (Spanish for masked professional wrestler), film actor, and folk hero.


El Santo is one of the most famous and iconic of all Mexican luchadores, and has been referred to as one of "the greatest legends in Mexican sports". His wrestling career spanned nearly five decades during which he became a folk hero and a symbol of justice for the common man through his appearances in lucha films and comic books telling fictionalized stories of El Santo fighting for justice. He starred or co-starred in at least 52 movies between 1958 and 1982.


During his career, he mainly wrestled for Empresa Mundial de Lucha Libre in Mexico where he won the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, Mexican National Middleweight Championship, Mexican National Tag Team Championship with Rayo de Jalisco, Mexican National Welterweight Championship, NWA World Middleweight Championship and the NWA World Welterweight Championship. He is said to have popularized professional wrestling in Mexico just as Rikidōzan did in Japan or like Hulk Hogan did in the United States. Guzmán's son followed him into wrestling as El Hijo del Santo, or 'Son of the Saint'. In 2018, WWE inducted him into their Hall of Fame in the Legacy category.


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